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Tips for dealing with bad service

It can be frustrating showing up all dressed for a great night out at a restaurant, but going home with a bitter experience. The food wasn’t as good as you expected, the waiter got on your nerves and the atmosphere was too tense for you to relax. You feel as though you shouldn’t have come in the first place. Here are tips on how to deal with such bad service:

Leave a review

If you have requested for what you want to eat at the restaurant and you got an awful service, then you might want to leave a review for the restaurant. This is especially after you have tried to express your grievances and nobody gave you a listening ear or tried to resolve the situation. You can save other people from such awful experience by heading to independent platforms like Usreviews to voice your displeasure. Other prospective customers who read reviews before patronizing a company will see your review and the reviews of other people who have used the services of the restaurant.

Don’t go off on the manager

Amid such bad service, you will be tempted to go off on the server or manager, but restrain yourself not to. That doesn’t portray you as a cultured and refined person. Gently but firmly lodge your complaints to the manager or tell the waiter what they did wrong. This way, they will respect you more and quickly fix the issues. If you handle this otherwise, you are at odds.

Don’t destroy anything

You may be tempted to throw away the table of food or take out your frustration on some of the equipment in the restaurant. You shouldn’t do this. After you are calm and out of your blind rage, you would find that you had destroyed something worth more than the food you ate and have to pay for indemnities. Besides, you could be punished by the law for such acts of vandalism. If you find it difficult to control yourself, you should leave the restaurant and find somewhere else to cool off.

Do what you are told to do

Most times, a lot of people tend to prove that they know better than the staff in the restaurant. While you may have your choices, you should also recognize the fact there are laid-down rules and arrangements in the restaurant, and every customer is expected to abide by them. If you feel the rules are too cumbersome for you to follow, you can go to another restaurant then or make your grievances known to the staff who may find something around it.

Don’t leave a tip of zero dollars

Don’t leave a tip of zero dollars because the service is awful. There are lots of factors that could have led to that, and besides, the staff works almost every time to keep people’s bellies full and make them happy. At least, you should appreciate them for that.

Most waiters don’t make enough to feed themselves and their families, they mostly live off the tips they get from customers. Besides, tipping encourages waiters to serve you well. Even though not tipping doesn’t mean a bad service, a few tips here and there make them go the extra mile.

Check out other options

You can forgive the restaurant if the bad service happens once or twice, but once it’s becoming regular, you should go somewhere else. The hospitality industry is a big one and no one company has a monopoly over it. As much as possible, a restaurant should try to make its customers happy. And if they can, you shouldn’t keep bearing the brunt. Simply look elsewhere for high-quality service.